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Recycled Cups Stacking Fun

I have a bad habit of saving everything to try to reuse it in the future. It drives my husband batty and I am often referred to as a hoarder. So many things can be just as useful after their initial use and in my head I can see that. My […]

Math Fact Treasure Hunt Activity

Math Fact Treasure Hunt Activity The kids were wanting to go outside and do “something”. I wanted to play with my new lens. This idea was what came to me as a win win for all parties. I took a piece of construction paper and made a map of the […]

The Homemade Field Day

As I said in a previous post, Bub was sick for his official school Field Day so we made a day of games at home for him to participate. We had ribbons and everything. We used very few materials and the kids had a blast and did some great physical […]

DIY Award Ribbons for Home Games

This past week the school the kids currently go to had Field Day. The day before Bub had an asthma flare that left him sick. He hasn’t had one since last summer so we took him to the doctor to make sure everything was good. He got his first big […]

Adventures in Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk art is a great activity for a sunny afternoon. My kids love to get out the chalk and get creative! Did you know you can also use it as a learning while playing opportunity? Sidewalk Chalk is a great way for kids to express themselves creatively. It’s almost […]

#thinkoutsidethetoybox Create Your own Water Umbrella With a Pool Noodle

  Materials:Pool NoodleTape4 Plastic or Styrofoam PlatesPVC pipe or a broom handle  Take AwaysSensory water playFunCold wetness on a hot day  SetupTape your plates together with water resistant tape. I used electrical because the store had sold out of duct tape but you could get nice colorful pretty duct tape […]

Glowing Obstacle Course Race – Thinking Outside the Toy Box

Glowing Obstacle Course Race The real race took place later in the night after it was dark but I wanted to get some day time pictures so you could actually see what was going on. Materials: Glowsticks galore. The more the better. White Balloons Two Pool Noodles 12 Soda Bottles […]

Summer Fun with The Great Noodle Race

Looking for a fun activity for those older kids to play while out of school this summer? All you need is buckets of water and a couple of pool noodles and your all set. Bear has had an obsession with tv game shows that make people do odd things, so […]