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Valentine’s Day Heart Flower Wreath and Smart-Fab Review

I was asked to review this awesome Smart-fab material. Smart-Fab is a crafter’s dream material. I had never heard of it before this but now I’m hooked. It’s an easy to work with fabric and doesn’t fray or split. If you want to look at some wonderful ideas of what you can use Smart-fab […]

Design a Pony Photoshop Brushes

It would seem my latest obsession is Photoshop Brushes.Here are my first public release brushes. 17 different brushes.3 mix and match hair styles. To Download Click HERE Free for personal use. As usual this is a use as you choose as long as your not claiming them as your own. […]

We are Thankful Turkey Chain Craft

 This is our We are Thankful chart. Everyday they will continue to add to the list of what they are thankful for. I made them a little pocket with a marker and paper strips to make it a little easier for them. They so far have added each other, Peace, […]

Washi Tape Decorating

Super Bub and Carebear both wanted to do some washi tape decorating. So I decided to let them decorate their own Toy/craft supply bins. They loved this activity and it was easy enough for them. Not to mention the cute bins they now have, they are really one of a […]

Creative Writing Story Prompts

I like to encourage the kids to write their own stories but sometime they need a little help with an idea. So I will give them a starter thought or sentence. I write it on the top of a piece of paper and then they finish the thought or story […]

Nablpomo Nov 2 2013 Creating a Reading Spot

When decorating Lou Lou’s room I put alot of thought into a nice comfortable spot for her to read books or relax. It was very important to me that she have her own space just like the older children. She still does sleep with us at night because she is […]

Playing with Saving Cream

We haven’t had a chance to do any new projects lately so I thought today would be a good day to do some art. We used saving cream and food coloring to paint a beautiful picture. This is a very messy activity but clean up isn’t too bad. I started […]

The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf

Today we made puppets from Toilet Paper tubes. We had a blast. Carebear is obsessed with pigs so we decided to do the three little pigs story. So we each made our puppet. Carebear and Super Bub put on the show for me and Lou Lou. The story they told […]