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The previous link you clicked was linked directly to one of my over 100 downloadable educational printouts I have shared. And while I appreciate sharing, I would appreciate if the link would be made to the post page for download and not the download itself. Thank you again for your visit and I hope you find something today that can benefit you and your children!

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This is a Direct Linked Download.

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All activity images, printables, and games are free to download and/or use as you choose, with the exception of claiming as your own, modifying, or redistributing as your own. Please feel free to use in any classroom setting! Feel free to link to the page but not to the download or image itself, if you would like to share downloads or ideas. All shares are appreciated. Permission to use 1 image of your choice is given. Thank you for respecting these guidelines.

Downloads are TOTALLY free and for anyone who wants to download from the original page the file was shared on!

Downloads such as this educational pack  and MANY more are available on this blog and sharing is always encouraged but please share properly. Thank YOU!


This is just a security measure to ensure that direct links to the downloads do not hamper the bandwidth of my readers and those who wish to download from this blog. I apologize for having to take this measure. Please feel free to download anything you wish from the original blog post which can be located with a quick search in the search bar above!

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