Water Play

DIY Project Water Bead Timer

DIY Project Water Bead Timer This water bead DIY timer is a super easy project that is fun and a great sensory project. You only need a few materials to pull it off and the kids will be playing with it for awhile. It doesn’t really keep time such as […]

Suds and Water Sensory Play

Suds and Water Sensory Play Sometimes the best activities are the most simple to do. Another good tip for activity play is “If it has water, they will love it.” Kids love water play! Water play does not have to be messy or complicated. Sometimes I just give her one […]

Glowing Water Bead Play on the Light Pad

The kids LOVE playing with water beads. We purchase some clear ones for $1.00 at dollar tree and then dyed them into a rainbow of colors with food coloring. We placed them in cups to let the dye take, it took a good few hours. Here is where we were […]

#thinkoutsidethetoybox Create Your own Water Umbrella With a Pool Noodle

  Materials:Pool NoodleTape4 Plastic or Styrofoam PlatesPVC pipe or a broom handle  Take AwaysSensory water playFunCold wetness on a hot day  SetupTape your plates together with water resistant tape. I used electrical because the store had sold out of duct tape but you could get nice colorful pretty duct tape […]