This is intended to be a sarcastic slightly humorous post to relieve my own passive aggressive thoughts. It’s all in fun. And keep in mind this Holiday season, without a little humor and sarcasm some of us might be neighbors in prison bragging about our body counts. It’s the time ofRead More →

  Dear Facebook, Why do you to entice me in with your ever flowing mounds of delightful information? I feel as if we have shared so much in the time I have known you. From the intimate details of the lives of others and the inside jokes we share, IRead More →

We had our first experience with a pinata this weekend. It was quite an interesting experience.Lou chose this fine little monkey.His name is Pete. His hobbies are jumping on the bed and teasing alligators. His best friend is a little monkey stuffed animal named Boots who he met after beingRead More →

1. The floor has vanished so you don’t have to mop anymore. Oh I know it’s still there somewhere… under mounds of toys, books, clothes dragged out of dressers, and whatever else I want to pretend I don’t see. 2. More storage space. Since everything from two feet and under hasRead More →