The Day After Christmas Crash

The Day After Christmas Crash The stockings are no longer hung but flung precariously on a table’s edge. Bits of wrapping paper still cling to the floor by tape trailing through the house as if a path leading away from the Christmas tree. The empty boxes stacked neatly now void […]

Homeschool Christmas Break Begins…

Homeschool Christmas Break Begins… Okay, I confess, school hasn’t been our priority for a little over a week. Officially we start our Christmas break tomorrow. We will sit our school books down and hopefully shake off the overfilled schedule to find somewhat of a peaceful middle. I can’t remember the […]

What Have You To Be Stressed About?

What Have You To Be Stressed About? My husband sat across the table glaring at me as he began dangling a hair he had found in his freshly cooked dinner. He eyed me like I had intentionally placed it snugly inside his food out of some odd passive aggressive anger […]

Ideas For The Passive Aggressive Gift Giver

This is intended to be a sarcastic slightly humorous post to relieve my own passive aggressive thoughts. It’s all in fun. And keep in mind this Holiday season, without a little humor and sarcasm some of us might be neighbors in prison bragging about our body counts. It’s the time of […]

Why is Early Childhood Education Important to me?

Why is Early Childhood Education Important to me? I went to college for Early Childhood Education. I spent years of my life studying the value of early learning experiences. I took classes to learn how to stimulate small brains and help mold creative imaginative free thinking productive intelligent members of society. […]

Things My Kids Think…#kidlogic

While sitting here reading email my son just came up to me and asked me if I had ever watched a music video…. Yes son, even in my day there was The Television. Although we didn’t have the joy of cable internet where I lived and had to enjoy all […]

Just a Mommy and her Mommy Guilt….

Here I sit, 5 am, as I do most mornings. The promise of a new day ahead of me about to begin as always only to end as quickly as it began. The sun rises only to set again. Each day seemingly shorter than the last and each year becoming […]

Pete the Monkey and a few tips for Pinata Safety

We had our first experience with a pinata this weekend. It was quite an interesting experience.Lou chose this fine little monkey.His name is Pete. His hobbies are jumping on the bed and teasing alligators. His best friend is a little monkey stuffed animal named Boots who he met after being […]