Creative Building with Brackitz #ad

Creative Building with Brackitz Brackitz are such a fun way for kids to learn engineering skills! You can build anything your imagination can come up with. We built robots that became dogs that turned into airplanes. Brackitz are an easy to handle manipulative that makes creating something new fun. Upon […]

STEM Popsicle Stick and Straw SeeSaw Catapult

STEM Popsicle Stick and Straw SeeSaw Catapult Some of the best activities are thought of on the fly. While cleaning up another activity I thought I would show my son something by creating a catapult out of a straw and a Popsicle stick. By placing a plastic piece on the […]

Recycled Cups Stacking Fun

I have a bad habit of saving everything to try to reuse it in the future. It drives my husband batty and I am often referredĀ to as a hoarder. So many things can be just as useful after their initial use and in my head I can see that. My […]