Free Printable Preschool Easter Themed Word Puzzles

Free Printable Preschool Easter Themed Word Puzzles Word Puzzles… Easter edition. 🙂  Eight different puzzles featuring words related to Spring and Easter! Words included: duck chick carrot bunny basket egg flower lamb Setup is a breeze. All you have to do is print and cut out! I would suggest lamination […]

Easter Macaroni Pattern Threading

Easter Macaroni Pattern Threading As I was talking in my sensory bin thread, these Easter shaped noodles would make a great threading activity material. The large open holes make them perfect for stringing into a shoe string. Threading is a great fine motor building skill for young children. Tie the […]

Macaroni Art Easter Basket Kid Craft

Macaroni Art Easter Basket Kid Craft Here is a great easy craft for kids to do for Easter that requires very few materials. All you need is a brown paper bag, macaroni noodles (Easter shaped noodles optional), Glue, Glitter (also optional but we ride on the side of shine at all […]