Kid’s Crafts

Macaroni Art Easter Basket Kid Craft

Macaroni Art Easter Basket Kid Craft Here is a great easy craft for kids to do for Easter that requires very few materials. All you need is a brown paper bag, macaroni noodles (Easter shaped noodles optional), Glue, Glitter (also optional but we ride on the side of shine at all […]

Egg Carton Pumpkin Kid Craft

Egg Carton Pumpkin Kid Craft This momma is exhausted right now as I fumble my way though work, home school, and play with little to no sleep and an overly exaggerated need for coffee, I am looking for ways to keep the kids occupied while I get stuff together. Crafts […]

Monster Ball Easy Halloween Party Craft And Game

Looking for a last minute activity for your Halloween party or just something to keep the kids occupied creatively? We love doing different Halloween related activities in this house. We are planning more than one party and things have gotten quite interesting all around. Just a preview of what is […]

Recycled Boxes into Cars – Kid Craft

  Materials used: Boxes (ice-ream tubs, pop tart boxes, or other small product boxes) Straws Drink Lids Hot Glue and Glue gun Using scissors line up and poke holes near the bottom evenly across your box. There should be 4 holes in all. Try to get as near the bottom […]

Pumpkin People Halloween Kid Craft

   Pumpkin People Halloween Kid Craft Materials: Construction Paper Scissors Glue Googly Eyes Felt cut outs Take Aways from this Halloween kid craft: Scissors cutting skill practice. The idea that a little glue can sometimes be better than the whole bottle dumped. The idea that paper folded can create a […]

The Popsicle Stick Monster Faces – Kid Craft

Monster Faces Say Hello to my little friends…. Materials School Glue Googly Eyes (My newest obsession) Popsicle Sticks Paint Paint Brushes Another easy peasy craft for the kids. These were made by my 8 and 9 year olds. Assembly. This is the part that require patience… Unrelatedly (not) this is […]

Ballerina Silhouette with Sharpie Wall Art

Time for a creative art project! CB and I have been wanting to create a wall hanging for a friend. So I let her choose what to make. CB chose to make this ballerina silhouette. Materials Sharpie Markers in color of choice White fabric Alcohol Wash Cloth that you can throw away Cardboard […]