Pinto Bean Counting Sensory Bin

Pinto Bean Counting Sensory Bin I’m always on the look out for materials that are easy, inexpensive, and on hand for our sensory bin play. I try to change them out every two to three days. This past week I was cooking dinner one night and was looking through a […]

Valentine’s Day Rice Sensory Bin Play

Valentine’s Day Rice Sensory Bin Play With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching I wanted to plan an activity that would incorporate the holiday into my daughter’s sensory time in a fun and messy way. Okay, so I don’t really aim for messy but I know messy comes with the territory so I […]

Dinosaur Sensory Tub Fun

Dinosaur Sensory Fun Sensory play is a great way for kids to get their hands dirty and explore new textures. Play itself, is an important part of any curriculum, no matter how old the child. A child doesn’t outgrow play. My ten year old has just as much fun playing in this […]

Minion Inspired Slime Sensory Fun

Minions are all the talk around here. Especially with the upcoming movie and an upcoming post we have been working on. My kids are minions obsessed! Last night we made Minion inspired slime! We thought we would share this with you because it was such a fun project! Actually, this […]

Sensory Play with Toddlers ad #SagtoSwag

This review was made possible by iConnect: Influencer Management and Pampers. I received product free of charge, but all opinions are 100% mine. Touch, Taste, Smell, See, Hear… Our Senses are extraordinary and benefit us in so many ways. Your baby’s senses are just now developing and it is important […]

DIY Project Water Bead Timer

DIY Project Water Bead Timer This water bead DIY timer is a super easy project that is fun and a great sensory project. You only need a few materials to pull it off and the kids will be playing with it for awhile. It doesn’t really keep time such as […]

Suds and Water Sensory Play

Suds and Water Sensory Play Sometimes the best activities are the most simple to do. Another good tip for activity play is “If it has water, they will love it.” Kids love water play! Water play does not have to be messy or complicated. Sometimes I just give her one […]

Summer Fun Toddler Sensory Box

Summer Fun Toddler Sensory Box It’s almost time for Summer. Summer around here may look a little different as we try to add more fun activities with an aim toward easily obtainable materials or simple projects. One of those ideas is this Summer Fun sensory box. All the materials in […]

St.Patrick’s Day Lucky Green Sensory Bin

St.Patrick’s Day Lucky Green Sensory Bin This is a fun easy to do sensory play activity that is great for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday or can be done with any color to help encourage color recognition. A rainbow of sugar would be pretty and would entice any toddler or […]