Fine Motor

DIY Sensory Rolling Paint Tubes

Super easy DIY sensory roller tube painting! This is a fun project that takes seconds to complete yet gives hours of fun. DIY Sensory Rolling Paint Tubes Looking for an easy to create art medium that will not only be fun but store-able for future uses? These are great for […]

Easter Macaroni Pattern Threading

Easter Macaroni Pattern Threading As I was talking in my sensory bin thread, these Easter shaped noodles would make a great threading activity material. The large open holes make them perfect for stringing into a shoe string. Threading is a great fine motor building skill for young children. Tie the […]

Plastic Easter Eggs Size Sorting Activities

Plastic Easter Eggs Size Sorting Activities Another fun activity using the plastic egg stash. As I said earlier this week, my three year old is a plastic egg hoarder. She loves them. I blame the obsession on the YouTube egg crazy but I’m not shy about using the obsession to […]

Easter Egg Color Sorting Fun

Easter Egg Color Sorting Fun Easter is here and with it comes colorful plastic eggs. Each time we go to the store, my daughter’s eyes light up at the site of the hundreds of plastic eggs lining the shelves. She has to grab a pack each time she goes by […]

Printable Letter A M&M Color Sorting Activity

Printable Letter A M&M Color Sorting Activity Recently Lou has been getting interested in learning her letters. I signed her up for ABC mouse a couple of days ago and she has been pretty excited to try out her new found knowledge of the letter A. I thought I would […]

Summer Nature Fun Leaf Imprint Book

It has been so hot around here that it hasn’t been possible to go outside for long periods of time. Especially for my son whose asthma acts up in the heat. Yet Saturday things had began to cool down in preparation for an evening storm. We decided to take advantage […]

Build a Fish with Simple Shapes : Preschool Printable Activity

This printable activity is designed to help children practice those following directions skills by giving them a set of steps to follow to create the fish. The instructions which are included in the pdf are easy to follow and simple for preschoolers or toddlers. All the shapes that are used […]

Rainbow Do a Dot Printable Activity

Do-A-Dot Rainbow Printable color matching activity This activity is designed to help with color recognition and to learn the sequence of colors in the rainbow. It can be used in various ways by changing the materials used to fill in the white circles. Preschoolers will love the bright colors! Will […]