Home School

Waiting For Things To “Click”

I feel it in myself as I stare blankly at some new math I’m supposed to be teaching the kids, it’s the feeling of confusion as if I’m staring at some foreign language. The text on the page is indeed the English I’m accustomed to but the words seem to be in […]

A Day In Our Home School

Disclaimer – A few products mentioned we received for review or at a discount rate. All opinions are our own. The kids were pretty upset to learn they would still be having school even though it was Labor Day but for a working mom it was too good of an […]

100% Free Home School Resources and Programs

On Monday we officially start our first year of home school, although all week long we have been working in some way to get the kids used to the idea and the way things will work. I’ve been researching different programs and ways of add more value to their school […]