Fine Motor

Easter Macaroni Pattern Threading

Easter Macaroni Pattern Threading As I was talking in my sensory bin thread, these Easter shaped noodles would make a great threading activity material. The large open holes make them perfect for stringing into a shoe string. Threading is a great fine motor building skill for young children. Tie the […]

Printable Letter A M&M Color Sorting Activity

Printable Letter A M&M Color Sorting Activity Recently Lou has been getting interested in learning her letters. I signed her up for ABC mouse a couple of days ago and she has been pretty excited to try out her new found knowledge of the letter A. I thought I would […]

Dinosaur Dig Sandbox Sensory Bin

Dinosaur Dig Sandbox Sensory Bin Have you ever been walking through Walmart or any store for that matter and had an idea that you just had to do? That was this box. Most of the ideas I have are spur of the moment inspirations. Some are good and work out […]

Summer Nature Fun Leaf Imprint Book

It has been so hot around here that it hasn’t been possible to go outside for long periods of time. Especially for my son whose asthma acts up in the heat. Yet Saturday things had began to cool down in preparation for an evening storm. We decided to take advantage […]