New Paths and New Ideas

When I started this blog over 4 years ago I did it incognito. I kept it to myself and raised it like my baby but from the shadows. I didn’t want to let the negativity I assumed would come with it’s claim to keep me from proceeding with it’s creation. […]

The Day After Christmas Crash

The Day After Christmas Crash The stockings are no longer hung but flung precariously on a table’s edge. Bits of wrapping paper still cling to the floor by tape trailing through the house as if a path leading away from the Christmas tree. The empty boxes stacked neatly now void […]

Homeschool Christmas Break Begins…

Homeschool Christmas Break Begins… Okay, I confess, school hasn’t been our priority for a little over a week. Officially we start our Christmas break tomorrow. We will sit our school books down and hopefully shake off the overfilled schedule to find somewhat of a peaceful middle. I can’t remember the […]

Dear First Time Mom,

Dear First Time Mom, Dear first time mom I see standing in the aisle at Babys R Us debating what bottle is not going to cause the dreaded nipple confusion. I’ve been there. I have worn down the wax on the tiled floor, picking up each box and examining which […]