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Miniature Masterminds is a Lifestyle blog about Family / Southern Living / Home school / Travel / Craft / DIY / Kid’s Activities.

Join us in our travels through Home schooling, life, and whatever else comes our way!

ABOUT The Miniature Masterminds:

Do you want to know more about the family behind Miniature Masterminds?

First and foremost we are a GOD fearing Christian Southern country bunch of folks. We are family orientated and proud of it.

Them Young-ens.


CB is the oldest of the bunch. She is a gifted learner; smart, unique, and full of life. She is also my usual PIC (Partner in Craft). She is very talented artistically and intellectually. She was writing her name at 3. She would always spend time writing letters, numbers, words instead of playing. She is going to be an artist or a writer even if she chooses a different profession.


Bub is stuck in the middle of two girls. He is the sweetest and most wonderful little boy. He is a blessing to be around because he has a tender heart. He is a wonderful big brother and a pretty good little brother. He will always be there for his sisters. He likes to spend his time riding his bike, playing with his action figures, or playing his video games. He loves to draw or color but his handwriting looks like he is destined to become a doctor.

Lou Lou

Lou Lou is threenager. She is full of curiosity, wonder, and DRAMA. She is always getting into something. She is the little princess and she sure knows it. She loves music, dancing, and will sing along to anything. She is forming her own personality as the country diva. She is funny, silly, crazy, and energetic. She keeps us in tears from laughter.

A Few Facts About Mom:


1. I used to be a Hatfield. Not just any Hatfield.. one of “those” Hatfields.

2. My husband is a VERY talented Southern Gospel Singer. I however cannot sing, I mean AT ALL.

3. I have a college degree in early education.

4. I like to draw, craft, sew, crochet, create anything, and I’m always up for a challenge.

5. I’m a social awkward back hills of Kentucky girl. I’m a quiet girl who would rather enjoy a night of Netflix binge watching instead of going out.

I’m the writer, artist, and photographer around here

Nice To Meet You!