Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum is on PBS Kids!

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Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum is on PBS Kids!

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum is a fun show for kids that teaches history in a fun and interesting way that will grasp the imagination of kids while encouraging their love of learning. It’s on PBS Kids and you can also watch some of the episodes Youtube!

When my parents first moved to where they live now they couldn’t get normal television service. They lived too far from civilization and only was able to get satellite services. That kept the number of channels they could get down to just a few and one of those was PBS Kids. My kids spent many days watching the different shows on PBS Kids and still talk about the characters and what they picked up from the shows. This is one of those shows they would have really enjoyed. The adorable art along with the fun topics would have quickly made it one of their favorites. We love history and biographies so it would have been perfect for us to watch together.

Ready For Adventure?

The show is about three cute kids who solve their problems by adventuring in time and learning about famous people. They have access to a secret museum that transports them through time to learn how to solve their problems such as how to build a model spaceship. I love the cute artwork and how they make historical people relatable by showing them as kids. The kids learn about these remarkable people in a unique way by seeing them as ordinary kids who grow up to do extraordinary things.

The show is based on a fun series of books called Ordinary People Change The World by Brad Meltzer. We received two of these books and have enjoyed both of them thoroughly. I hadn’t heard of the series before but I will be on the look out for these books in the future! It is a wonderful thing to teach the kids that they can change the world too if only they work hard and try their best!

What I really enjoy about the show is the characters they pick to meet. They meet some interesting people on their adventures. Further discussion about the characters also helps build on the lessons. They can also talk about how the morals of the lessons can be put into action in their own daily lives. The lessons teach things like following the steps in directions and trying new things.

Check out Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum on PBS Kids!

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