Overcomer DVD and Blueray Release Just In Time For Christmas! #ad #overcomermovie #FlyB

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Overcomer DVD Release Just In Time For Christmas!

Overcomer is coming to DVD and Blueray December 17th!
That is just in time to pick up copies for gifting!

Overcomer is the #1 Inspirational Family Film of 2019. My daughter and her youth group went to see it in theater together when it first came out. They couldn’t stop talking about it so the rest of us had to see it as well. It is a very inspiring store about never giving up no matter how hopeless things are looking. It also teaches about perseverance and determination. A young girl that my teens can really relate as she struggles through her own personal issues and succeeds in overcoming impossible obstacles. With the guidance of someone who has their own obstacles to tackle in an uncertain future.

The movie has humor enough to keep you entertained while also encouraging you with a message of faith and endurance. The beginning kinda hits home a little for this small town girl from Kentucky. I know all about small town life and how quickly it can be altered due to economic changes. A lot of small towns depend on one or two large facilities to keep them running. The sights of for sale signs in vacant store windows is a familiar occurrence and all too real for the people living there.

I really enjoy Kendrick Brothers movies because they tend to showcase healthy family relationships. They also show the power of prayer and the strength of faith. I have never been disappointed in one of their films although I will confess there are a few scenes I just can’t watch because they hit me too hard. One of those is the scene in Courageous when he loses his daughter. I have to leave the room when I know it is coming up.

The DVD has tons of extras including additional scenes and how they made it shots. I always find the how the did it videos interesting so I am excited for that.

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