The Perfect Stocking Stuffers – from Headstart!

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The Perfect Stocking Stuffers – from Headstart!

You may think that title is just a line but I’m telling you it is the truth! Headstart has some adorable new products out that are inexpensive and make great gifts! These little guys would be great for stockings or as gifts for school/co op friends. There was just so much cuteness going on in this unboxing!

We unboxed 3 different products Baby Secrets, Baby Secrets Mermaids, and Minidooz. When this box arrived I knew my daughter was going to flip as soon as she seen these. These would light up any kid’s eyes on Christmas morning!

Minidooz can be found at Five Below & Toy Wiz!

I think we have started a new obsession with the minidooz. I placed them on the table in front of her and her eyes lit up. She loves blind boxes and these appealed on a different level because no only is it a blind package but it looks like a nail polish bottle too.

Inside the cute packages are these little dolls with poofs of brightly colored hair. These are versatile and make cute adornments to her work desk and they can also fit on a pencil eraser.

We opened three different cuties. Each with their own special hair color, pose, and chair colors. The chairs can suction to the table. Each one was given it’s own personality by my daughter. The sweet one with pink hair, the quirky one with pink and purple hair, and the mischievous one with purple hair.

The purple one joined us for class today on her pencil. It made school work more interesting. She kept smelling the hair which she said smelled soooo good.

Our second set of unboxing was these Series 4 Baby Secrets Itzy Gitzy blind boxes. These are the perfect stocking stuffer for many reasons! Their size makes them fit inside the socks easily, the packaging make them appealing, and the cute little babies inside are adorably fun to collect. We actually ended up with three of the same baby but it didn’t matter because she said now she has triplets.

Baby Secrets Itzy Glitzy can be found at Walgreens, HY-Vee Inc, KVAT Food Stores, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Sheetz Distribution Services, HEB, Amazon, Blain Supply, Toy Wiz, and Nexcom.

The interesting thing about these little guys is that their diaper changes color in water to show if they are a boy or girl. It was pretty neat. We ended up with three boys and one girl. They come in their own little bathtubs that you can use to fill with water and find out what color the diaper will change.

Just because you have twins doesn’t mean both will be the same color diaper. It makes even doubles not an issue. We spent awhile last night playing with these cuties and her dolls. They fit perfectly with her dolls. These two little troublemakers didn’t want to go to sleep last night and cause her doll a lot of trouble. Also that one on the left is a biter so be careful of him.

And lastly we had the Baby Secrets Merbabies. These are such a unique gift that even my older son was impressed with the creative packaging and design. It comes with a hint list. You hide the secret treasure chest and give the child hints on places to go to complete a fun scavenger hunt to find the buried treasure.

Baby Secrets Merbabies can be found at Target, Cracker Barrel, Party City, Joanns, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, The Paper Store, Scheelds All Sports, Matty’s Toy Stop, Kalahari Resorts, and Toy Wiz.

When they find the chest they have a small key which is used to open the pink glittery chest. It just pops in and the lid pops up to revel the cutest treasure I have ever seen.

Inside you will find bracelet and charms set along with a ring for the little kid opening their treasure. Also there is a cute little baby mermaid that can swim and play with them in the bath tub. The tail winds up and spins it also changes color in water to either pink or blue. You can say that it tells the gender or that it just a cute color changing feature for the mermaid. Hers was blue but she didn’t want to accept that it was a boy so we had to go with that.

The scavenger hunt with the treasure box really make this one a unique gift. The little box can then be used to store secrets or jewelry while the mermaid baby is a cute collectible that can also be a fun bath toy.

I think these are going to be the newest craze and we are going to have to try to collect them all.

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