Share the Gift of Hands-On Sensory Play with Play Visions

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Share the Gift of Hands-On Sensory Play with Play Visions

I always love to showcase Play Visions sensory products! Sensory gifts such as these below are great for anytime of the year. Kids love them, they are educational, and they help strengthen hands while building logic skills. I wanted to focus on sensory for our Holiday gift guide this year for those reason. These products are a frequent player on our gift lists. Plus, Play Vision always delivers a quality fun product!

Sands Alive was a hit last year with the kids and this year we added to our expansive Sands Alive collection with this entertaining castle building kit. Inside is everything you need to build a charming sand castle.

Sands Alive is moldable but also versatile in use. It doesn’t really make a mess or stick to the kid’s hands. By now, my kids recognize the brand and when they seen it sitting on the classroom table they were already ready to dig in.

We have a few trays that we use for our sensory play that contains everything in one area. You can find these just about anywhere. I think they even have them available at the dollar store. They are just like food trays that a restaurant would have. Sands Alive isn’t very mess causing but we like to have a set area for the play to happen.

One of our favorite Play Vision products is Floof. The kids fight over this lighter than air soft moldable material. The new castle set comes with a catapult to shoot Floof balls at the castle and knights of the opposite side. It does come with two knights and flags to play with as well as a castle gate to invade. I will also note that Floof balls shot from the catapult do not hurt at all. I know this from experience…

Play Dirt Bugs in a Jar are always a hit with the kids. Play Dirt is a soft moldable substance that resembles dirt but doesn’t have the same mess as dirt. This little tub came with two soft bugs to play with in the dirt.

Our favorite thing to do with the Play Dirt is hide the little bugs inside and dig them out. This one does stick to the hands a little but washes off super easy.

When I was younger I would love to make dirt pies and mud cakes. Play Dirt can be used to play with in the same sense without having to dig up the backyard. They can use them in their toy kitchen to cook with and it washes right up.

Any of Play Visions quality made sensory products would be a great gift this Christmas. It is a gift they will play with over and over again!

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