Visiting the Crown Reef Resort and Water Park

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Visiting the Crown Reef Resort and Water Park

Recently we had the privilege to stay at the Crown Reef Resort and Water Park. Right on the beach with ocean views on our private balcony…I’m not quite sure I can draw a mental picture that would come close to the beauty of waking up to the sun rising over the ocean. 

When we arrived it was night time. We had already had a full day and was ready to just lay down and rest but I had to admire the design and beauty of the building as we approached. 

Sitting in our room waiting for us was a fun little bag full of goodies. They said they could do these for different events. They can also prepare for different life events like honeymoons and birthdays. The personal approach is quite nice. 

They must know me pretty well because inside my bag was a coffee cup. I love my coffee mug and have been using it quite often lately in my daily obsession with the liquid caffeine goodness. 

The view from the room was amazing. I could easily wake up to this everyday but I would never get any work done. 

There is so much to do inside that you could go any time of the year and have plenty to keep you busy. They have a water park for the kids along with big water slides. We had so much fun in the pool and playing at the water park area while the older kids slid down the slide. 

I could keep an eye on them because the slide ended in the same area as the water park. 

Right out in front is beach front access. We walked onto the beach and enjoyed some ocean time. It wasn’t very cold even for November so we were able to play in the ocean for a little bit. The youngest wasn’t afraid of the ocean but the tide came in and took her shoe off her foot and we had to chase it down. I didn’t know if I should laugh or what because I found it so funny even though the poor child was screaming the ocean was trying to eat her. She built back up her courage and was back in the knee deep water in no time. Then I laughed about the whole situation. 

The hotel gave us a nice pirate themed sand set. The kids used it to build some sand castles and a large hole. They came away covered in sand and smiles. 

The back side of the hotel you can see the water slides and the design of the building. I like the feel of the designs it kinda makes me think retro and modern at the same time. We were all the up on the 11th floor in a room with enough room for all of us to have a place to sleep which is odd because usually we have to get a roll away bed in the room. There was two separate rooms with beds so everyone had their own place. 

There is also restaurants on site along with an ice cream and coffee bar. The kids spent some fun times in the game room which you can also find the candy store. 

The game room area has the cards you can load and swipe so you don’t have to have a bunch of coins on hand. There are a lot of different games to play. There is also the entrance to the restaurant and the area for candy, ice cream, and coffee. 

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