8 Hands On Educational Stops For Your Myrtle Beach Trip!

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8 Hands On Educational Stops For Your Myrtle Beach Trip!

We are always looking for fun educational activities to do while on vacation. Historical sites, museums, and anywhere where we can take in some History. We are huge history buffs around here and love to go places where we can really dive into the past. Another of our top picks for vacation spot must haves is places to see animals or sea life. I think I have a budding marine biologist on my hands and he loves to visit aquariums or anywhere he can get a glimpse of ocean animals. He is always reading or watching videos on sharks or any other sea creature that being able to see them is never a disappointment, even better when he can get hands on with them. Also check out Vacation Myrtle Beach for deals and suggestions to help plan a stop to these places and more!

I have complied my 7 top picks for educational hands on activities to do while vacationing in Myrtle Beach. There is so much other stuff to do there and even just walking down the strip of shops can be educational, but these places take the cake!

  1. Ripley’s Aquarium.  – This one goes without saying. If there is only one place you go while there, this one is one of my top picks. It is a self guided tour through a marine wonderland. They have it all from jelly fish to sharks to a whole room dedicated to Pearl Harbor. We always make it a point to stop by Ripley’s Aquarium if there is one close enough to our vacation spot. I could set up cot in Planet Jellyfish. It is a must see!
  2. T.I.G.E.R.S Myrtle Beach Safari– This was our first time visiting here. We did the night safari. They have a day and night safari deal that I think next time we will try out because I would love to see the daytime safari. Here kids can get up close and person with different animals. The people there are super nice and quick to talk about the animals. I’m going to do a more in depth in detail post about this place because I think there is too much to discuss in a paragraph. My only regret is that I couldn’t take my own photos but that is only cause of my camera addiction. It runs deep. 
  3. Brookgreen Gardens – I really wanted to visit this place this time but they were having a wine event that weekend and I didn’t think it would appropriate to take three kids to a wine event. Anyway, they have some amazing sights to see. There is also a zoo on sight to see different animals. The art work they have on display can lead to many historical discussions as well as art and design. We have done lessons in the past where we try to create our own versions of sculptures we see like these and it is very fun. 
  4. Horry County Museum and L.W. Paul Living History Farm– This one is a quick stop and very educational. It is a bit of a drive from Myrtle Beach coast area but worth a visit. It is a free admission historical museum that is housed in a renovated school that was built in the 1900s. They also have a farm onsite that recreates the life of living on a farm in the 1900-1955. They also have an awesome fresh water tank that is a thing to behold. 
  5. North Myrtle Beach Museum– A fun walk through the history of Myrtle Beach. View art or learn about the history of the area with photos and more at this interesting stop.
  6. The Franklin G. Burroughs-simeon B. Chapin Art Museum In Myrtle Beach– I love a good art museum. This place is great to take the kids. They encourage sketching the art. 
  7. EdVenture– EdVenture is a fun hands on museum just for kids. This place they can learn and explore in an environment designed just for them. It is always an adventure. They have places just designed for the little ones. 
  8. WonderWorks – We have always been curious about WonderWorks. This one is good for the whole family. Fun hands on activities every where you turn. There are several interactive areas for the kids as well as things adults will find interesting. Worth the trip!


There are a lot of other fun activities to do while in Myrtle Beach. You could easily feel a week up with amazing activities that will create memories to last a life time! 

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