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Calvert Homeschool Review

If you have been looking for a great online curriculum for your homeschool class room, check out Calvert Homeschool. We have been using it for a little while now for this review and I really do love it. It is straightforward and overall the easiest full online program we have tried so far. I am excited to share this one with you all. 

Calvert Homeschool has been a really time saver for me. I used to spend at least an hour every morning preparing for the school day and documenting all her work. Calvert Homeschool is a full curriculum that you can use to guide them to what they should be learning and keeps records of the work they have done. It starts with 3rd grade which I was a little nervous about since my daughter should only be in second but she has passed each lesson with flying colors.  


They lessons are scheduled on a due date and each lesson is completed before the next is started. They each start with the lesson with includes reading about the new skill, maybe some images or videos, and some key words to learn. This is all very straightforward and might need some explanation from the parent to help move on. The lessons are no nonsense which is why my daughter has really liked the program. Some programs she complained were to artsy or took too long to get through the idea before she could move on to the questions. Some things click faster and she is ready to move on instead of watching another video. This program has so far been the longest lasting one to keep her interested in school work. 


There are several different types of questions. Some they have to type in while others are multiple choice. There are also drag and drop and drop down menu questions. All are clearly defined and the standard outline makes the answering of the question not harder than the actual lesson. 

We usually start with math and do one or two lessons (we got a little behind thanks to a recent bout with the flu and have been trying to catch back up) each day. That takes us around a half hour to 1 hour for math. Language Arts takes us a little less time because most of the lessons so far we have already previously learned from her listening to what her brother and sister were learning. Social Studies and Science have been a little more difficult for her because there is a lot more reading involved but she usually gets through each in around a half hour. So all in all we get through her course work in around 3 hours giver or take an hour. In those 3 hours each day she has already learned so much! 

The best part is that she can do her work anywhere. Even on the road while traveling. In the van or at home, she has her daily work planned and covered while I have documentation of what she has learned and her grades for the year. I think we have found our program to stick to this year!

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