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Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math workbooks Review

Handwriting is a skill we have worked really hard on. It isn’t our best skill and so we have to practice. Even I practice at times because I can be sloppy and what kind of example is that for me to send. I love books like Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math workbooks that are easy to use for younger kids to practice writing while also helping clean up their letter shapes. We received for review the Channie’s Dry Erase Flashcard For Alphabet & Number  books and have been using them these past few weeks.

Handwriting is something my daughter usually runs from. She doesn’t like practicing her writing skills. She also has some issues with letter formation. While these books didn’t cure her dislike for writing they did help her better train her hands for proper letter formation. We used two different books, the Easy Peasy Alphabet and the Neat Numbers. Her favorite of the two was the Neat Numbers because she is naturally drawn to math and number skills.

Easy Peasy Alphabet is a good tool for practicing letters. There are are plenty of chances to trace and write. I think tracing is a pretty important tool to encourage muscle memory and hand eye coordination skills so the fact there is plenty included is a big plus in my book.

On their site they have available cursive writing books and you can buy the blank block paper in large quantities for practicing with a class. They also have dry erase practice boards and more!

The way this program works is by using a box system. The letters fit into the boxes and the child can see the shape of the letter and how it fits inside the box. I like the different color used for the bottom of the box because it really helps the child visualize the letter. For awhile I thought my daughter seen the dotted middle line as a suggestion instead of a guide. It took awhile to get her to relate that line with how the letter should fit. That is while the colored boxes help so much more because they can see them and how the lines are formed better.

Neat Numbers is pretty neat. It is a great way to not only practice number writing skills but to introduce counting, addition, and subtraction.

The book helps by giving the child a guide to follow. Practice, practice, practice… that is the best way to learn and hone skills.

This was my daughter’s favorite of the two. It has also helped greatly with the number swap. She has always been bad about writing some of her numbers backwards. Writing them over and over again has helped her to think about which way they should go.

In the back of the book is several different types of math problems for them to work out. They have addition sentences in different ways as well as some subtraction. On the site they have other books with math as well such as multiplication.

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