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Excelerate SPANISH Review

On of my dreams is for us to learn Spanish as a family. There are many circumstances where we live that being able to speak and understand Spanish would come in handy. I was really excited to try out and review the Excelerate SPANISH program with their Excelerate SPANISH Streaming service.

Excelerate SPANISH takes you to a classroom setting where other kids are also learning along with you. You feel like you are part of the group. I love that it really feels like the kids are right in there in the class with the other kids. The kids seemed to enjoy that as well. They are encouraged with participate along with the videos which help them learn more and retain more. 
There are 24 lessons in Spanish 1 and 24 lessons in Spanish 2. The videos are around 30 to 50 minutes and go pretty quickly with the lessons. The sound is clear and you can hear what she says. The program also has workbook available for purchase separately. Although sometimes it gets a little confusing and we might have to re-watch the lesson a couple of times before things become clear. 

There are kids in her classroom that really help bring home the points. For my kids, seeing other kids participate and learn is a big encouragement for them also to do the same. I’m not sure we will be fluent in Spanish at the end but I know it has helped to give them a foundation in the language and maybe a way for them to communicate with people who speak Spanish a little better. Around the area where we live there are several people that just speak Spanish. A lot of the time I can fall back on my Spanish from past classes and pull on a basic conversation. Excelerate SPANISH helped me to freshen up those skills as well because I didn’t realize how much I had forgotten in the past 10 years.

The teacher goes quickly and uses hand gestures to help teach the concepts. She also repeats the words to help the kids grasp them. It really is like being in a classroom setting with the teacher in front of you teaching Spanish. She is a good teacher and helps the kids with some entertaining phrases although sometimes the kids get a little unfocused. The hand gestures help to keep the kids focused and on task.

Excelerate SPANISH fits well into the weekly schedule. We usually watch a video together as a group and practice with each other. Being able to practice with each other helps us to practice our words. Sometimes you can’t hear how you say things yourself. Hearing each other say the words we can help each other correct them. We spend time practicing the lessons each day and work on a different lesson once a week. This schedule helps us reinforce our lessons each week and paces out the lessons at a good rate.


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