Time4Learning Online Homeschool Curriculum Review

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Time4Learning Online Homeschool Curriculum Review

This year we have changed a lot around here. One child decided to go back to public school. Her social nature was struggling with the home school environment. One child was accepted into an online school with the county. He needed more structure and accountability. I needed more of a push to know what he should be learning. One child remains fully off the books and continues to home school as normal.

I really thought it would be a good idea to get her into some kind of program too but I know how her mind works and I wanted to try a few different programs out with her first before committing. We have had success with several programs but usually that success is short lived. She gets bored and then school becomes a period during the day that holds torture techniques worthy of the CIA for me. She isn’t not a happy camper.

Time4Learning is one of the latest programs we have tried. I have heard a lot of good things and it is often brought up as a suggestion in groups I am a part of. We tried it a long time ago with the other two with different levels of interest. Knowing all three learn differently, I thought it would be good to try with her as well. She seemed interested to begin with and had things she liked and things she didn’t.

It has changed since the last time I used the program and is very well organized. The lessons are easy to find and each day they have their tasks to do. You can set up how many lessons each day they should do and make out the schedule. You can also see their progress and keep track of what they are doing. I liked the program layout and was ready to commit based on it alone. We did well the first few days and she was able to do most lessons alone with little interference on my part. This was a plus for me because I have been struggling a little lately with time and finding the time to get everything done. I thought we had a winner with teaching concepts that I could reinforce with offline supplemental and our other curriculum we use.

I will say this before I go further, if your child learns well through animation, games, and videos than this program will do well. If your child is a let us get this business straight to the point so I can go watch the animation, games, and videos I want to instead, this program will work but they will balk at times. She often felt they were talking down to her. I didn’t get that from the time I spent with her. I get they repeat concepts to reinforce those concepts which is the best way to introduce new things.

The lessons were short enough that she was able to complete her daily work in little more than an hour in all subjects. I like that. She also seemed to be learning as she went because she was aware of some concepts that I don’t remember reviewing before in our lessons. She could log in and find her work on her own without my assistance which helped when she decided it was school time and my hands were busy doing something else.

It is a decent program and is successful for many families. The layout works well, lessons are easy to find, and for the most part things are fun to work on. I had no issues with the actual structure, educational value, or materials available in the program. The lessons followed pretty much the same concepts as what we were already learning.

I don’t think we will be staying with the program. The reason being that my daughter seems to be more consistent with offline curriculum and less repetition. All kids are different and Time4Learning is still a great curriculum to try and see if you have as much success as others have.

Would it work as a full curriculum? Yes! I think it would work as a full curriculum with a few additions. In my opinion you would need to add in an offline writing curriculum and create time for reading offline.

Have your used Time4Learning before?
Did it work for you?
Let me know your thoughts on the program!

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