Back To School Lunch Tips For Home or School With Juicy Juice #ad #JuicyJuiceCrew

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Back To School Lunch Tips For Home or School With Juicy Juice

This year is a little different for us. We have 1 in public school, 1 in online school, and 1 that is fully home schooled. It has worked well for each kid on an individual level so far but it hasn’t gotten any easier in the planning department for me. I struggled a little at first with getting back into the groove of packing a school lunch while also planning for a healthy lunch at home. Brands like Juicy Juice that offer healthy options that are easy to grab and go make it a lot easier for me.

Juicy Juice has developed three new products that will make lunch time planning even easier! First up we have the Juicy Juice Fruitifuls Organic juice boxes with 3/8 cup of fruit in every box and comes in juicy apple, berry cherry, orange strawberry banana, and fruit punch. This one was the pick for mine. Next up we have the Juicy Juice +Protein. And last up is the Juicy Juice Juicy Waters which is water with a splash of flavor and no sugar or sweeteners.

Mitzi Dulan who is America’s Nutrition Expert® shares some tips with Juicy Juice to help with healthy Back To School lunch planning.
You can read all of her awesome tips here!

One of the biggest tips that has helped me plan is how she suggests taking the kids to the store to pick out new fruits for their lunch each week. I struggle with this because I often use grocery time and me time. I realize that by getting them involved they are learning valuable lessons about healthy food shopping but dragging three kids around the store hasn’t always appealed to my wish to keep my sanity intact. Her tip to let them pick out their own fruits and try new fruits has helped me to realize that it is more than just grabbing the weeks groceries. It is about teaching them life long lessons on choosing the right foods when surrounded by so many bad options.

Another one of Mitzi ‘s tips really resonated with me was number 2. I really do need to add more protein to their lunches. It is so easy to get caught up in the snacks and fruits they love but it is a lot harder to get them to eat more protein rich foods. I love the idea of Juicy Juice with added Protein. The kids get the sweet taste while also getting the much needed protein for their bodies. This is one of the first protein and juice blends for kids on the market and the market was sorely lacking till now. The kids loved the orange flavor. It makes the perfect juice to accompany their classes because it helps them stay focused. This one is an easy choice for us!

My own tips for navigating the lunch planning process would be to get the kids involved. Sometimes when you let them make their own lunch, they will more likely to eat it even if it is something they wouldn’t eat for you before. There is a sense of pride they feel over making their own lunch that just makes the lunch taste better.

Also give them options. Pick two things you want them to eat and let them choose between them. This one is my favorite tactic for my younger ones because they think they got their way but really they are eating exactly what I want them to. Works for other activities as well. Such as “Would you rather read the book before getting ready for bed or after getting ready for bed?” or “Do you want the green grapes or the purple grapes?” It helps their decision making skills and also creates a smoother transitioning from one activity to another.

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