2 Books About Accepting the Differences in Others #Ad

2 Books About Accepting the Differences in Others

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One thing that we should be teaching children is tolerance, acceptance, and love for the differences in other people. I try to teach this to all my kids. It is important for them to know we are not all the same but we can still be friends and love one another. I recently received two books for review that are perfect for that lesson.

The One and Only Wolfgang: From pet rescue to one big happy family by Steve Greig and Mary Rand Hess

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The One and Only Wolfgang is a book about family and acceptance. This book is an odd mixture of real images and drawings. All these animals who may seem like they don’t go together but fit together to make a quirky inclusive family called the Wolfgang.

This is an awesome book about family being important. Even though each of them is different and has their own traits and quirks, they still love each other. This ragtag group of animals lives together in their home sharing their lives. From a pig to a chicken there is all different kinds of animals. The book has a humorous turn to it with the animals telling about their day and what they like as well as how each is different in their own special way.

One of the animals is a pig called Bikini who is the princess of the story. She sleeps in her pink princess bed. My daughter loves pigs so she was very interested in this cutie.

In the end they all exclaim that family is the most important. It is a great picture of family acceptance and love.

One Big Heart: A Celebration of Being More Alike than Different by Linsey Davis

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One Big Heart is a book celebrating the differences we all have at school. Each child is different and shares how they are different but they also share how they are alike in even more important ways.

Each kid looks different, has different skills, likes different activities. They are all ok with each other liking different things and being different because they know that each of them is similar in the ways that matter.

This book is perfect for classrooms to teach how each child is unique and special in their own way but all of them share a love for each other. The love of their differences make them a different kind of family.

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