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Memoria Press Second Grade Literature Guide Set Review

From past review it is probably pretty obvious I have a love for the classical learning approach such as the products from Memoria Press. I love their approach to education and learning from classical literature. I have shared a lot of the classics with my kids over the years by reading to them from them but Memoria Press has developed a series of age appropriate guides to do more. We received the Second Grade Literature Guide Set  for this review but they also have other grades available as well!
Memoria Press is a great place to find all different kinds of classical learning materials. We have had the pleasure of reviewing several in the past. It is a great way to build a love for the classics while also reinforcing skills that they need. They also have curriculum ready packages to help those out who don’t know where to start. I have my eye on the second grade set to use this year. It looks pretty interesting and after getting a glimpse of what to expect I am leaning pretty hard in that direction. 
When I was younger my favorite books were the Little House books. I read them over and over again. I even did my social studies project with them as the basis one year. I was an avid reader and spent most of my free time with a book in hand. Much like I do now but it is my phone and usually a kindle book. I read through so many of these books and was excited to have a reason to read them to my daughter. In the Summer I lower our expected educational materials down to usually reading and a little math practice so these were perfect for our Summer schedule. They will also fit well into our Fall scheduled but I think we will be moving on to the next book because this one is almost done.
Little House In The Big Woods is the first book in the Little House series. It is autobiographical children’s novel written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This book follows the journey of young Laura into learning about homesteading and growing up without the normal amenities of today’s children. It is a great family book that reads easy and is perfect for my upcoming second grader. The Student Study Guide from Memoria Press is like a companion to assess vocabulary and reading comprehension with questions and activities.
It is a little advanced and I had to help her through some of it but again she hasn’t officially started second grade and was still able to do most of the work herself. I was there for spelling. I love the suggested activities at the end of the lessons. Because of them we have been watching How It Is Made videos on Youtube and we have learned how they make a lot of different foods such as pretzels, cookies, and doughnuts. 
There are also several different assessments at the end of the book. These are different as test the child’s memory, reading, or other skills. I found the one to go along with today’s lesson and it was reading practice. These are good reinforcement for the lessons and also good practice for skill building. 
My next book will be Tales From Beatrix Potter. Another childhood favorite that I can’t wait to re read with her for her lessons. Actually this is one we have already read a few times in the past and already have the whole collection sitting on the book shelf just ready to be read again. I haven’t ever read the Prairie School, Courage of Sarah Noble, or Animal Fold Tales Of America so those will be new for both her and me. I am saving them for Fall and Winter when we will be inside more and reading more. 

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