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Library and Educational Services Wholesale Books Review

This  Summer has been a wild ride for my family. At the end of June, my husband totaled his car. When I say totaled it was not salvageable and no longer a 4 wheel means of transportation. The insurance we had didn’t cover the car so now he is driving my mom van. That leaves me mostly at home with no way to go out. My mom has also been having some issues that have kinda thrown us all for a loop. So I have been a little up in the air. I do apologize for my flakiness. Without transportation I have been doing more ordering online. We are used to trips to the library and store to buy new materials but that isn’t as possible as it was. I know a lot of people survive on one vehicle so I am sure we will be able to for the time being as well. That just means I get to roam the internet and find new places to order educational materials from and then share them with you. Recently I was introduced to Library and Educational Services LLC for the purposes of this review.

I will say I had never heard of or visited Library and Educational Services LLC before but I was a little impressed. The books I previewed in their stock are different that what I have seen in other online book places. They have more historical and non fiction fact books than I have ever seen in one place. I had a hard time picking some out. Also their collection of Who was books is phenomenal. I wanted them all. And we also got to pick a cd from the Lifehouse Theater CDs series which is a series of stories on cd. These would be great for car rides… I would assume haha.

My favorite thing I received is the What Was the Titanic? We are huge fans of the Who Was series. We have several and have read them over and over again. I didn’t even know they started making What Was books too! I would have loved to get them all and devour them with the kids in our nightly reading ritual. The good new is Library and Educational Services LLC has a lot of them for less than 3 dollars!

What Was the Titanic? follows the same Who Was style with photos and easy to read pages. These are perfect for us because of our gap in reading levels. My soon to be second grader can read them and my soon to be eighth grader still enjoys reading them. Most of the Who Was series is like this for us.

The What You Didn’t Know About History books are going to easily become some of our new favorites for History. These books are really neat. They have so much information in them and come in hard cover protected books. We received two different collections. This collection came with three books and was smaller then the other collection we received. They are better for the younger group and have large writing with easier to read wording.

The insides are full color shiny pages full of information. We are a history buff family and I knew the kids would love these. It is very interesting to learn about the different topics such as the Underground Railroad and The Transcontinental Railroad. Especially when you ask the kids what is the different between the two before learning about them. Just because they both have Railroad in the title doesn’t mean they are both about the same thing. It was a great time to throw in a judge a book by the title discussion before a very valuable historical lesson.

Americans at War is another collection of books we received. This collection contained five books all about different wars. I picked this collection because my son is obsessed with wars and the army. He has been saying he is going into the army since he was two. I am not sure if that will stick with him as he grows older but I encourage him to work toward whatever goal he has set. We learn about World War 2 a good bit and it was the first book he grabbed. These books are more than just facts and stories they have time lines in them. It is so helpful and something new for him.


The top of each page has a few facts and photos while the bottom is a continual time line. It is way cool the way they are set up. Those are my sons words. The level for these books is probably for older kids around 9-11. I think my high schooler (yes I said I now have a high schooler) would be a little old for them.

One of the things in our package my daughter was so excited about was this Lifehouse Theater CD The Princess and The Pigs. Let me just say that anything with “princess” and “pigs” in the title will be a hit with her. My oldest used to collect pigs when she was younger and the love for the animals has stuck to her younger sister. I can tell you that she was more than excited to run off with the cd. It is a fully animated audio book is like an old school radio story with sound effects and voices. It is quite long but can be broken down into sections. It would be fun for a car trip to listen to. The story is about a spoiled princess and how she learns and grows into a better person.

The Princess and the Pigs - Lifehouse Theater CD

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