Seek And Explore Devotions For Kids Book Review

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Seek And Explore Devotions For Kids Book Review

This Full color devotions books is a good way to start the morning each day. It’s simple 1 page a day layout is just enough to keep the kids interested and also teach them a valuable lesson each day.

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Our day usually starts off with a fight. Someone isn’t happy about something. Someone didn’t want to wake up. Someone touched someone. Someone doesn’t like breakfast. Someone (mom) wants to just throw their hands up in the air and go back to bed. I found that if I start the day with a family meeting and devotion that the mornings actually go a lot better. We meet together after we wake up. It gives us a moment to get good and awake while also bond and learn. It is also the perfect time to find out if they are struggling with something.

Seek and Explore Devotions for Kids is a good devotion book to use each day to learn about God and start the day right. Each day has a new lesson and activity for the kids to do.

While we haven’t made it very far into the book I have looked ahead and we are excited to do some of the different activities. The kids keep trying to skip ahead and do more each day but I have done pretty good to keep them on track so far.

I love the colorful pages and all the different activities included. It will not be boring for the kids because each day is something completely different for them to do! From writing to games, there is so many ways to learn from this book!

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