First 100 Bible Words and The Wonder That is You -Book Reviews

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First 100 Bible Words and The Wonder That is You -Book Reviews

First 100 Bible Words and The Wonder That is You -Book Reviews

I am really happy to be able to review and share with you awesome books. Today I have two new books to share with you. These are both great for the younger crowd!

First We have

The Wonder That Is You
by Glenyz Nellist

You can purchase this book here!

This book is more of a journey. The art is amazing. It really draws the eyes and imagination in. The poem is about a love story. A mother’s love for her baby. It’s about the feeling a mother gets when her child is born. It’s like all they world and time stands still in celebration of the new life that came to be. The words flow perfectly along with the images making it the perfect bed time book. Kids love to hear about how they were born and this book is a great answer to that. It tells them they are loved and special.

My youngest just turned seven and heading toward twenty as fast as she can. It is nice when we have a book that reminds her that she is still my baby and helps me remember that little bundle that I held not so long ago is really growing quickly.

And most moms will get a little teary eyed while reading it because it takes you back to that moment when you looked into that babies eyes. The wonderful moment when you realized you would truly never be the same. I know it brought back some thoughts for me. It has been awhile since I was there but it is something you just don’t forget.

This book is great for bonding time and make the perfect baby shower gift!

The Beginner’s Bible First 100 Bible Words 

Our second book recommendation is also one for the younger kids but could also come in handy with the preschooler and early reader.

You can purchase this book here!

We love The Beginner’s Bible. We have used several of their products and love the familiarity of the art work. We have used their kid’s bible stories, work books, coloring books, and several other products. This one fits right in with the brand. It’s bright vivid colors and simple layout make it perfect for small children and early readers.

100 words to learn to read and to use as conversation starters. The words each go along with a story. Such as this one below. You can use the story to talk about the story or you can read the words with the images. It’s a great way to introduce Biblical concepts in an easy and fun way!

It also has all our favorite Bible stories in it such as Daniel and the Lions, Jesus is Risen, Jonah, David and Goliath, and many others.

It’s a sturdy board book that is great for the little hands to hold. With it’s solid pages and bright colors, it will soon be a favorite!

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