Short and Long E Vowel Sound Practice Pack

Short and Long E Vowel Sound Practice Pack

Practice vowel sounds short and long E with this pack.

This has been an interesting week. We introduced a new writer to the blog and have been so excited about future opportunities. This week has also been a crazy chaotic wonderful mess with Vacation Bible School and our business. I am thankful for the mess as it means we are growing! There has been ups and downs all week. Our air conditioning went out yesterday so that was a bit of a down in the North Carolina sweltering heat. It has been pretty hot in the house since it happened. We hope to get it back up and going so. All in all it has been an exciting week! I hope you will continue to enjoy the journey with us as we move into bigger and better things! This pack includes a few different activities to practice the vowel sound e.
  • A vowel wall signs for short and long e words
  • Worksheet to introduce both sounds e makes.
  • Short E Worksheets
  • Short E Word cards
  • Color and build picture puzzle
  • And Sometimes Y
  • Two Vowels Go Walking
  • Long and Short Vowel Sort

Download the other packs as they become available!

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  1. Hello! Are the printables no longer available?! I can’t get any to download, nothing shows up.

  2. I apologize. I think google has changed some of the way they share files in the past couple months. I can still see them but I know some others had issues too. I am checking into why they aren’t showing for everyone. I am working toward moving to a new host in the next few weeks to see if that fixes it for everyone. 🙂

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