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Simply Music Learn To Play the Piano For Free

I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano. Even as a teenager. My grandfather purchased me a keyboard for Christmas one year. I tried all the online resources available at that time. Where we lived, a live teacher wasn’t an option. So I struggled and taught myself to read music. I learned the keys and could figure out the keys and the placement. I couldn’t learn the tempo on my own. I was excited to try again with my kids with the Simply Music free online program. It’s a free program that teachers piano skills in a steady and easy to follow pace. With 21 lessons in several parts this is a full fledged entry level program. 

Learn to play piano online free!

We still have that keyboard purchased so many years ago and it has been passed down to my kids. They have played on it and pretended to play it but other than that it has gathered dust. I was excited to bring it out to use once again for the next generation to learn on. The program also has available a printable practice paper key board which is great to put out in front of the computer to use along with the videos as practice. They have different videos some with singers and more in depth lessons. He teaches with the use of a piano and shows some things on an ipad. His teaching method isn’t the traditional method but really is impressive to watch it work. 

The videos for the lessons are high def and showcase the keyboard and hands clearly. The instructions are clearly given and they have you playing a song in no time! They actually learn a song quite early in the program. You can download a pdf with the music lyrics. They make it as easy as possible for the kids to pick up musical skills. Would work with kids and adults. Also included are soundtracks for the students to listen to.

The teacher is well versed in music and easy to follow. They worked well for the teenager. She didn’t have any issues. My youngest didn’t have an interest in learning. She was more interested in just playing with the keys. They kids have to finish each lesson and mark it as complete to move on. They can’t skip and move on but they can move backwards. This is good because they can go back if they need to but they can’t cheat and skip ahead. 

Also included in the program are printable books they can read to learn more about music. It is a very well thought out program. From log in to lessons, it is easy to find your way through the program. And once again I want to say, THIS PROGRAM IS FREE!! Enroll now!

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