New Paths and New Ideas

When I started this blog over 4 years ago I did it incognito. I kept it to myself and raised it like my baby but from the shadows. I didn’t want to let the negativity I assumed would come with it’s claim to keep me from proceeding with it’s creation. Since then, I have grown a lot. Not only have I shared and merged my blog life with my real life but I am bringing my family into the blog.

This week we introduced a new writer! My wonderful sister in law. I can’t be more excited to have someone else accompany me on this journey. You can read her first post here!

We also have introduced a new section For Mom. In this section you will find tips, hacks, maybe some food ideas, mom stories, some travel ideas, and who knows what else we will write about! This is about us as moms living and navigating through different stages in our lives. One a seasoned home school mom of three and the other a toddler mom/college student/ bride-to-be.

You have grown with me from my toddler mom days to my mom of a teen days and now you will get to grow with another wonderful mom too! You will be there with her through her wedding. You will get to see her through a future pregnancy and she goes from one adorable toddler to two handfuls.

You will also be there as I navigate my now seven year old through second grade and as I pack my fourteen year old off to school. You will get to know us as people… moms… almost normal and mostly quite sane individuals.

I am excited for this next step because I am no longer hiding my passion. I am sharing it with the world and my family. I am giving those I love an even deeper glance into who I am. I will say they reception was a lot better than I had thought it would be.

What I learned? Don’t hide your passions because you are scared of what other will think. They probably don’t care as much as you believe. They might not understand but if they love you, they will accept you and your crazy or they will ignore it. Either way, it’s freeing to be open with who you are. Love yourselves. Love your crazy. Love your mess. Love your chaos. All of it is beautiful because you are exactly how GOD made you.

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