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Learning Dynamics Reading Program Review

I was really happy to be picked to do this review of the Learning Dynamics Reading Program. I usually don’t buy into the programs that claim to have a child reading in such a quick time but Learning Dynamics has a different approach that matches more with my teaching style. There program is phonics and sight word based with the heart of it being positive reinforcement, consistency, and loads of practice.

The set comes with several different tools to help you child learn to read. I was actually impressed with all the stuff included. I knew there was going to be some books but my goodness there is a lot of books! There are over 50 books included. These are leveled books and set up to flow from one to the next in difficulty. Meaning they build on each other with the letter sounds. After completing the lesson manual they will be able to jump straight into the books with little effort.

Each book starts with a list of sight words and end with a list of questions about the story. My daughter was very interested in the questions. She was always ready to remind me if I forgot to ask her the questions at the end. Sometimes I would pretend just to get her more interested in answering them.

Also included in the set is a few other tools such as a cd with songs on it, these reward pieces, and flash cards. They can use the materials to complete the lessons in the lesson manual. Such as blending sounds and learning letter sounds.

We started at a higher level and she already had a basic understanding of the letters, words, and reading in general. I really thought this program would pull all that knowledge together and help things click a little better for her. We listened to the cd but only to test it out and it just wasn’t for us. It would be better suited for the younger crowd. Although my daughter has always had a more mature music taste. She is probably the only kid I know that cringes when Baby Shark comes on. We more used the books and lesson plans along with the flash cards.

The teacher’s manual has guided lessons for each letter and then a few beyond for tricky letter sets. It also has songs, rhymes, and images to work with each lesson. I know I see a lot of people who are always asking for guided lessons with what you are supposed to say and do included. This is the set for you. Anyone can teach with this set, it tells you what to do.

The workbook has different activities included and writing areas to work on letter practice. It isn’t overly large or taxing. The program really focuses more on practice with the books. It takes a few minutes and only a few days a week to build their skills and confidence in reading. I’m still not overly sure on the 4 weeks to read. I think that would depend on the level the child is at and the amount of effort them put into it themselves. It really helps if they are interested in learning the materials.

When my daughter looked at the set at first, she was a little startled by the amount of books. She was really excited thou after looking further into the set when she realized how easy it was for her to pick up on the different words. She was through the blue book series in about two days. She has since read all the books several times. She feels accomplished when she reads them. They have helped me to get her more excited in reading because she feels she can do it.

Even if you child has a head start with phonics, the easy to read book set is still an awesome tool to have.

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