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Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle Review

I was very excited when we were chosen to review the Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle from Dyslexia Gold. It looked like a great program and a way to help us overcome a few of our struggles. I had pretty high hopes for this one but in all honesty, I think I liked it more than my crew. I liked the idea of a lifetime membership and a program designed to help with the issues we are currently working with. My daughter however had a different opinion. It was probably a lot of my own fault because she is really advanced in some areas but behind in others. The site itself is well thought out and the whole idea is pretty nice. She just didn’t have the attention span to stick with it. 

Here is a little about the site and then I will tell you about our experience. Dyslexia Gold is set up to help kids wit vision training and phonics awareness as well as spelling and time tables. It is a well thought out program than trains kids to listen to individual sounds in words. There are also some vision training games that are pretty fun. One game has them wearing 3d glasses, that they mail out to you, to shoot targets. The kids all loved trying it out a few times. It is a game to be played in the recommended timed sections because after awhile the 3d glasses can give them a headache. Another games is kinda like whack a mole but with aliens. 

There are 4 different sections inside the program. The eye training games, phonics, spelling, and time tables. We used them all enough to talk about them but some we didn’t use as much as others. I did find a few glitches within the system that didn’t report right and one other but I will talk about that later. We mostly used the phonics lessons and the engaging eyes games. The spelling section was a little harder for my daughter because the program used a different accent than she is used to hearing in some of the words. She kept stopping to tell me they say it like Doctor Who. Which tells me we may watch a little too much Doctor Who. The phonics section didn’t seem to have this issue with her. 

The spelling section has them reading a short story. It’s like maybe 4 sentences long. And then they have to write the sentences spelling each word and adding correct punctuation. They then mark off if they completed the word correctly. It keeps track of the words correct and incorrect for reports. There are some really nice reporting going on in this program. There are reports for everything. You can see how they are growing and in what areas they need improved. The reports are one of my favorite features. 

The times tables section is one I would venture to say with get more use in the future. It’s an interesting way of practicing and learning multiplication. My daughter was six at the time and was still enjoying it and learning from it. It’s brightly colored and I was pretty impressed with how it worked. The drag and drop building blocks were fun for her. 

The phonics program is what I was most looking forward to. We have tried several, and I mean several, different programs in hopes of finding one that addresses her confusion with certain letters and sounds as well as engage her interests in learning to read. I thought we had found it. For over two weeks she was engrossed in the lessons and moving through them like wildfire. She was excited to show them to my mom and show her how well she could move through the lessons. Than it glitched one day and started her over at lesson 1. She was done after that. I couldn’t get her to do any more. Although I did find out I could set the lessons later, I had already lost my window of opportunity with her. She is a very stubborn child and if she doesn’t want to do it, she isn’t going to do it. I guess I should be proud of the fact that she isn’t so eager to change her mind when pushed. In fact once her mind is made… you aren’t going to change it. So that was how it went down here. It really wasn’t the programs fault because up until that moment she loved it. She was learning about spiders and bats and other things in the stories and reading so well. 

The phonics section follows a certain flow. First they learn a new sound and sort the words into the matching sections. Then they move on to building words with drag and drop letters. After that they will read some new words. They can also pick a picture to match a word or pick where a sound in located in the word. There are several other activities in each lesson as well. In the end they have a reading passage they will read twice. It times them the second time for the records. It shows how they grow in their reading speed in the records. 

Overall the program is a great way to build fluency in letter sound recognition, multiplication, spelling, and help train and strengthen eyes. It is like any program and will work wonders for some and others not. 

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