End of Another School Year With Miniature Masterminds

End of Another School Year With Miniature Masterminds

It’s been awhile since I have wrote a personal post , not a review or printable. Lately it has been hard for me to express my feelings into words. I have been trying so many new things that usually my brain is a mess of scattered fragments that don’t fit together.

First of all, our school year was such a success and I couldn’t be more proud of my not so miniature any more masterminds. I’m thinking it’s getting time for a name upgrade because there is nothing miniature about my group anymore. My baby will be seven this year… seven. I still have to let that sink in at times.

I felt like I was a failure this year. I really did. I have spent so much time with my six year old that I thought my older two were going to feel neglected and not do as well on their state required test as they have in the past. I was wrong. I was such a proud home school momma when they both passed with flying colors. I know that test doesn’t mean much in the realm of reality but it made my heart happy to know they have a basic grasp of understanding on the fundamentals required in the test. They are all three bright and wonderful kids. I didn’t need a test to know that but it helps to know that on paper I can show people that we don’t just goof off all day.

So with that being said, I want to say this. You may feel like you are failing in your journey but more than likely you are doing just fine. Your kids are learning more than you know. They are grasping all that knowledge and filing it away. Some days we all get frustrated when they don’t know something you are sure they should or things just don’t seem to be clicking. Just stay calm and breathe because they are still gathering info and data. They are still soaking in facts and figures. And they are still learning even when it may not look like it.

Another statement I wish to make is that I really recommend Prodigy Math for kids in second grade and up. I don’t know what I would have done without it for my son. He is a gamer at heart and he excelled at math because his love for the game. I was NOT paid or asked to say that. He has really learned a lot from playing it that I am super impressed.

I’m just glad we survived another school year!

I’m not really sure where I was going with this post. I felt the need to get personal and share with you guys how our school year went. I also wanted to encourage those who felt like they were failing with knowledge that I too felt that way all year long.

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