Planting Flowers with Becca’s Bunch On Nick Jr.

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Planting Flowers with Becca’s Bunch On Nick Jr.

My kids have been wanting to plant flowers since before Mother’s Day. I usually avoid the gardening hobby because I end up killing most things I try to grow. I thought it was a sign to let them do their green thumb thing when I was asked if I wanted to plant these adorable themed flower pots for Becca’s Bunch on Nick Jr.

Becca’s Bunch is an adorable show on Nick jr about these cute little brightly colored characters that teach kids about being creative and solving problems

We planted four different types of flower. Becca’s Sweet Peas, Pedro’s Forget Me Not, Russell’s Marigolds and Sylvia’s Sunflowers. The kids couldn’t wait to get planting. We each picked out our own flower to plant.

I picked Becca’s Sweet Peas because Becca shares the same name as me and that makes us like friends automatically. We filled up our cups with potting soil trying to not get it all over the floor. We couldn’t go outside because it was raining like crazy and they didn’t want to wait.

We planted our flowers and glued the name cards to popsicle sticks and stuck down in the cup. That way we won’t forget whose plant is which one. After a little water we placed them in the sunniest part of the house and started a chart to track how much they would each grow. This is the perfect science project for them since they are already emotionally invested and interested.

I am hoping that my black thumb doesn’t make an appearance and eradicate our new plants as it has every other time we have tried to keep plants alive.

Be sure to check out Becca’s Bunch on Nick Jr. I know it will quickly become a favorite with those adorable animals and fun adventures!

And if you have any tips for those of us who are less inclined to the gardening, please share them with me on Facebook or email! I could use all the help I can get!

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