Getting Ready For Kindergarten No Prep Pack And Suggestions

Getting Ready For Kindergarten No Prep Pack And Suggestions

Prepare for Kindergarten with this pack of suggestions and tips! Also included are practice Worksheets for numbers, letters, colors, and shapes!

What should a child know before kindergarten?

Preschool years are all about play and exploring the world around them. You don’t realize just how much they pick up in those early years. They most likely know most of the things they should know just from watching, playing, and listening.

They should know their alphabet and the shapes of the letters. Upper and Lower case letters.

They should know their numbers from 1 to 10. The word, the number, and how to count items up to 10. They should be able to verbally count to 20.

They should know basic shapes such as square, triangle, rectangle, and circle. I also included more shapes for them to paint and practice on.

They should know their phone number and address. (This is a safety concern so if they happen to get lost they can give it to an adult to call you.)

They should also know their name. They should be able to write their first name.

They should know their parent’s names.

They should be able to sort items based on their physical characteristics such as color, size, and shape.

They should know their colors.

More than likely they know a lot more than you realize it. This pack will help you gauge what they do know and what they need to practice. I also included links to helpful activities to practice the skills.

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