Summer Fun Giant Water Bead Toss Game

Summer Fun Giant Water Bead Toss Game

With Summer coming up we are already looking for new ways to curb the Summer boredom. I can’t count how many times the kids come up to me to say, “I’m bored” through out the Summer. We are going to share a few inexpensive ways to create Summer fun memories and keep that statement from popping up as much! Our first activity is Giant Water Bead Toss.

Giant water beads are so much fun to play with. We have used them for many different sensory activities and science experiments. We have squished them, froze them, cut them… They are just so much fun. We got ours from but it takes awhile for them to come in. You can also find some awesome water bead kits on (not an affiliate link.)

What we found out the other day is that you can also use them like water balloons for some cool down summer fun! They aren’t as messy and the kids don’t get soaked! When these water beads hit the kids they shatter leaving just a damp spot on their clothing and millions of tiny shards that will shrink away as they dry out!

They are painless and don’t hurt as much as water balloons which is a plus because water balloons sometimes don’t bust and can sting a little. The kids had so much fun watching them shatter and fly all over the place. After it was over they got carried away dumping the water bowls onto each other.

This is something you do need to plan the day before so the water beads can be grown and ready for them to play!

They are also quite fun for sensory play too!

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