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e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum Supercharged Science Review

Supercharged Science in a unique online eScience curriculum for grades K – 12. We were excited to review the program because I have been getting emails for awhile and was happy to check it out. Actually I can still remember signing up to get her weekly email experiments. I was really excited because one of the first experiments I seen was Make your own Camera. Anyone that knows me knows I have a camera obsession and was thoroughly intrigued. That was probably nearly 2 years ago I would say. Since then we have explored STEM projects, robots, fly machines… just to name a few. I couldn’t wait to check out the curriculum because I already had somewhat of an inkling what I was getting in to. 
Aurora seems like someone I would like to know from the videos. She seems like the nice teacher in school that everyone hoped they would get and was upset when they didn’t. She teaches in a way that everyone can enjoy and understand. She also loves Science which is something else we share in common. 
 e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum could be used as a full program or as an add on to your curriculum. It is designed to interest and engage children in Science. The program is split up into class groups with lessons in each group. We did the first grade level with my whole crew because it is easier to do Science class as one group. It is also so much more fun to do experiments as a group. Some of the experiments required things I didn’t have on hand but some were pretty easy. Each lessons has information to read, worksheets, experiments, and videos to go along with them. 
The site is a little difficult to navigate and information a little harder to find that I like but they did say they are redoing the layout and should be better soon. The experiments are super easy to find and the videos very informative. The experiments were our favorite part of the curriculum. I told my daughter we were going to watch a Science video and she tried to run and hide. I turned on one of these and after a few minutes she asked to watch another one. Kids love exploring the world and being able to see the experiments in action really give them a want to learn more. 
I haven’t really ever had trouble with my kids loving Science as in doing the physical experiments. I mean I have a handful of water beads in the top of my fridge right now in the name of Science, their love of Science has not been questioned. Getting them to do the actual paper work or the reading has been more difficult.  e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum helps bridge that gap by creating interest in the subject with hands on activities. It is a very hands on program which is perfect for my crew of budding Scientists. 

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