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Typing Tournament Online and Maths Invaders Online From EdAlive Review

In today’s world typing is a much needed skill. I would like all my kids to be able to type properly and have that skill. That was one of the goals when I signed up for the review of Typing Tournament Online from the EdAlive site. We were also able to review their Maths Invaders Online along with it which was also a lot of fun.

EdAlive is a site that is home to two apps right now and looks like they are adding more in the future. My math obsessed 6 year old was quite partial to the Math Invaders Online game. This game is similar to an old style arcade game where you shoot the invaders but you have to answer a math problem to fire. 
Olivia spent away playing this game which was a little on the easy side but got progressively harder as she worked her way through the stages. The colors change a little but the premise stayed the same with just harder math questions the higher up they go. This game has all the makings of a good educational game. A cute character in trouble and needing to be saved, progression with skill levels, and a timer that ticks down if they aren’t quick enough. My son also played it for a little while but I caught him playing the easy stages… not cool son. 
They also keep records of the different stages and skills they learn. I, however, didn’t realize this when they were playing because they were playing on the parent account. Each child has their own log in to be able to keep track of their progress. 
The second game which was my personal favorite was the Typing Tournament. I love the whole medieval time period with knights and princesses so the concept hooked me right away. The fact it also has a story to go along with it makes it all that much cooler. 
You are a knight preparing to win a typing battle against the black knight (who also is a big cheat if you ask me). There are cute little animations to go along with the store as well. I love the art and characters who help you along the way as you progress along the map from lesson to lesson. There are two things I learned from this game I didn’t know… my son can type faster than me and my daughter is heading that way quickly. I always thought I was a pretty skilled typist. I now know I have some learning to do. I wanted my son to learn to type so he would have that skill to grow on but thanks to video games and coding he blew the whole thing out of the water from the first lesson.
My daughter liked following along with the lesson. At six, she isn’t exactly a master typist and this was her first formal training. She liked listening to the instructions and following the drills. There is also three games for them to use to practice the lessons. One they have to type the word to keep the word from taking over the castle, the next is typing letters to put out the fire before they explode, and the last is to type a certain set of letters to keep the dragon from catching the knight. All of them were quite entertaining!
They also keep progress reports for you to look at and show how well they did!
To summarize, both apps are useful to practice the skills they address. Math Invaders Online helps them to speed up their calculations while Typing Tournament Online helps them to speed up their typing skills. 

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