Month 3 with Weeks 9-12 First Grade Curriculum Work Book

Month 3 with Weeks 9-12 First Grade Curriculum Work Book

4 weeks of First Grade Worksheets and Learning Activities

Another installment to our First Grade Curriculum. I think I have finally found my grove with the layout for the curriculum. I will also list a few links to games and things I find around online of things that are related to the lessons for further practice. 

This curriculum is set up for a five day week but you could easily make it into a 4 day program by doubling up some of the other subjects on Day 2 or Day 4. 

Be sure to read every day!

Free Books Online:

Storyline Online

Search Youtube there are lots of books to listen to!
Visit your local library’s website. I found out we can read Tumble books and more just with our library card number. Other libraries might have different resources available!

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What I have planned for this month’s curriculum:

  • Math – Addition practice leading into subtraction up to 10 and some graphing practice. Math is 5 days
  • Language Arts – they will learn about digraphs and blends. Language Arts is 5 days
  • Spelling they will have six words a week to practice and learn. Spelling is 5 days
  • Bible they will learn a new memory verse each week along with a Bible lesson. Bible is 5 days but you could easily condense it if you wanted to.
  • History they will continue to learn about our country and the states through out the month. History is 5 days.
  • Science will finish our focus on habitats and explore the food chain more in depth. Science is 3 days a week. 
  • Health – They will learn about teeth and oral hygiene all month. Health is 2 days a week.
  • Reading will include comprehension stories as well as learn about fiction and non fiction. Reading is 5 days.
  • Writing – They will finish up their letter practice and start with copy work and journal writing. Writing is 5 days.
  • Art – I switched to just one day of art. I thought it would be better if they had the history and style clear in their minds at the same time they create their art. That day is Day 4 because it has the least amount of work in the other subjects. More time for art and exploration. 

Extra Math Practice – (offsite game) Skateboard Pups Game (addition and subtraction)

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  1. I LOVE your site, especially this new series. It’s wonderful for me and my kids as a homeschooling family of 8 ! THANK YOU , THANK YOU 🙂

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