The Critical Thinking Co. Critical Thinking Detective Vocabulary Book 2 Review

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The Critical Thinking Co. Critical Thinking Detective Vocabulary Book 2 Review

Last year we reviewed Book 1 of the Critical Thinking Detective Vocabulary last year and really enjoyed it. This year we were able to review the
Critical Thinking Detective – Vocabulary Book 2 from The Critical Thinking Co. with much delight. This book is aimed at grades 5-12 but I think it’s more for the high school crowd. It is pretty advanced.

My oldest daughter is my gifted child. She is quick to pick up materials. She is also a crime buff. The book 1 we reviewed was right up her alley and I was excited to work through this one with her. She loves her crime dramas and can often solve the case long before the tv detective does.

These books are quite fun because they have cases to solve and clues to find. We have our lists of suspects and all the clues needed to solve each case. It’s fun to make our own conclusions and then see who is right… I will admit I wasn’t the one every time.

I actually did a video review on this one! Now don’t laugh, this is my very first video review I have done on my own. The others were usually done by the kids with me as camera lady. I am just not as comfortable with my own voice as they are. You can listen to my Kentucky back hills country girl accent and see what this book has to offer in this video below! Don’t expect many more from me lol… or maybe I will do more and try to get more comfortable with the process. Just think how much easier it would be to

Here is an example of one of the cases included. We have completed 2 of them at this point and working on a 3rd. The words in this book are a little advanced… okay a lot advanced. They will be learning a lot of new vocabulary words. They will learn them from having to research the clues and then reinforce them with having to fill in the sentences.

Who do you think committed the crime?

We will find out from reading and combing through all the clues.

The cases included are usually stolen property or white collar crimes. One of my daughter’s complaints was that they were not any major felonies like murder included… She wants to grow up to be a detective and likes honing those skills. I told her that the good detectives solve white collar crimes too because people are hurt and need them solved just as much as the bigger crimes. Plus by solving these crimes she is building her observation skill and vocabulary words to use.

The Critical Thinking Co. offers many different workbooks to hone skills in math and literacy. I have been a member of their puzzle email list since last year and look forward to the emails. Check out their website!

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