Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum Review

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Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum Review

History is one of those subjects I often teach all the kids at one time. We are history buffs and love anything related to history. We each have our different favorite time periods to learn about and my son’s happens to be World War I and World War II. The Pathway to Liberty’s World History from Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum includes a both. That was one of the reason I was excited to add it into our daily schedule. We received this set to facilitate this review and I can’t wait to tell you a little more about it!

We received the World History student and teacher book and The Chain of Liberty by Jayme Maccullough with the study guide. These books are leveled and can be used with different ages with different skill levels. That makes it perfect for us because we all do history class together! Also the kids can all learn from the lesson what they are ready to learn.

The teacher’s guide includes the book list and how to use the curriculum. Along with the curriculum they also have a series of youtube videos you can watch to go along with the lessons. The videos are very informative but feel kinda like a lecture so they were great for the older kids but the younger one is just too used to bright colors and animations to engage her.

The lessons come with these easy to follow overviews. Each lesson is written out with that week’s work for the different levels. The teacher’s guide has the overview as well as the student book. The student workbook also has questions to go along with the lessons and more. The vocabulary words included are words that are loaded with meaning.

When I first handed my son the student workbook he was a little intimidated because it is a little big. I love that they have the spiral binding because that makes them easier to read and write on. Although we did most of our writing in our history notebook. They can also look back on their history notebook to see what they have learned and refresh their memories.

We also received The Chain of Liberty and Study guide. This book is pretty interesting. The conversation started before we even opened the book with the question on the front. Do men have a right to think for themselves? This question is answered differently by different ages. My youngest who is six thought about how it related to her. Her thought was that she can think for herself but she can’t act for herself because she is still too young and has to follow mom and dad rules. My son who is older thought about it in a different way. He thought about how the question relates to himself and his relationship with God and how his thoughts should reflect his moral compass.

This book kinda like that all the way through. It is a book that is perfect for open discussions on our country, liberties, and where we are heading from a biblical perspective. There are several quotes from historical people included. Everyone should know by now how much I love historical quotes by our famous heroes such as Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. There are also several relevant Bible verses to go along with the lessons.

I think the best part about this curriculum is that it is more open with room for discussion but guided enough that I didn’t get too lost. I had three levels of student working simultaneously at the table. I love that there are different levels for every student to be included.

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