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Sound, and Fluid Dynamics From CrossWired Science Curriculum Review

I’ll be the first to admit we don’t do enough Science around here. It’s not from lack of interest, my son loves doing experiments and watches animal documentaries for fun. My daughter preforms odd random experiments all the time… which is why I have to go track her down when she is being quiet. That being said, I also have an interest in Science and how things work yet there just is not enough time in the day to prepare for everything. I was really excited to review CrossWired Science  Sound, and Fluid Dynamics. It sounded like a great program.

CrossWired Science  is still in beta testing and being refined but it has been fun checking it out. We still are having a little trouble being more consistent in our daily Science class but CrossWired Science has taken the preparations out of my hands and saved me so much time.

My son was really interested in the Fluid Dynamics lessons. Many of the lessons had fun videos with very informative animations. He loved watching the different videos. There was one about bird wings that he still talks about. I think he learned a good bit of new information from the videos alone. Then after watching the video he had the opportunity to complete a quiz related to what he had just seen. It helped reinforce the lesson. There are also printable worksheets for the lessons. We like to do these as a class because it opens up the ideas for learning discussion.

This curriculum isn’t just videos. It is a full Science package. Although I will admit most of the experiments seem kinda daunting to me and some I couldn’t quite understand what they are asking. This was really my only issue with the curriculum.

There is a flow to the lessons. They start with a video or a few videos which is kind of like a classroom lesson with a teacher to explain the subject. After that they finish a quiz and worksheet related to the concept. They will also have a list of experiments to choose from. From there they will do a research topic. This they will have a chance to submit online. Then U-Choose days. On these days they have the opportunity to pick their own activity from a list. Some of these aren’t completed yet but the ideas are pretty great. They also provide more videos that go along with the subjects.

It may seem a bit overwhelming at first but the curriculum is full of fun activities and facts. Once you catch on to the flow of it, it makes sense. I love that they give the kids opportunities to choose different topics and activities. It seems like they do so much better if they have chosen the subject themselves.

Okay, now that I have explained what CrossWired Science is, I am going to tell you about our experience with it. I wanted to use this with both my at home students. Miss Six and Mr Twelve. The program works well with different ages and both could find information they were interested in. They can watch the video solo and complete the quiz but it’s much more fun to do it together and follow up the video with some discussions.

The first day was really easy for them. They enjoyed the way the video was edited and the different animations as they learned about hydrodynamics. There was a part about sharks so their interest was hooked. These kids LOVE sharks. From then on they were excited to watch the videos and learn about air flow and how planes work. We even had a day of making our own paper airplanes and testing them out.

I think this curriculum was better suited for my older student for individual reasons. He has more of an interest in learning about birds fly or why air plane wings are shaped a certain way. He learns well from videos and worksheets and can complete a research topic on his own. My daughter is still a little young to fly solo on the self choice research and u pick days. I did find it to be a great fit for our over all classroom as we could do the activities together. All in all it has been a really nice experience.

One of the u pick activities was to go on a hike. This is an activity that we always enjoy. We decided to add to the experience by looking for different birds and watching how they glide and flew while we walked. The good thing about the area we live in is that there are a lot of different birds available. Like this beautiful peacock that keeps terrorizing me at the home school co op. He doesn’t really terrorize anyone to tell the truth. I just have a slight aversion to large birds getting close to me ever since an incident with a turkey name Florence a few years ago.

Another activity was to raise 10 different fresh water fish. We already have several fish so we just used the ones we had instead of getting different kinds. We watched them move and swim while discussing how their swimming and maneuvering around their tank worked and the use of their fins in the process. It is actually very interesting how wonderfully made all of God’s creatures are that they have exactly they right tools to do what they need to do to survive.

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Sound, and Fluid Dynamics {CrossWired Science Reviews}

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