Zangle! Card Game Review

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Zangle! Card Game Review

Find your angle to make a Zangle! New Card Game from the inventors of SET!

We are a game loving family from board games to card games. Every Wednesday we do what we call “game school”. Instead of worksheets and school work we learn by playing a game together as a family. Sometimes we learn more from these games than we could ever learn in a workbook. Such as being a good winner or loser, taking turns, and logic skills. It is all the better when I can find a game that is both fun and educational. Zangle! falls into that category. I was really excited to be able to review this one and I also get to offer a giveaway too!

Zangle! is a unique game and one like we haven’t played before. It took us a little while to get the hang of it. It’s a visual game where you have to use two or more cards to recreate another card’s shape. It’s actually really entertaining watching the kids try to recreate shapes and the logic behind why this works and so on. 

This game can be played in different ways. There is even a set of rules to play it solitaire. We played by taking turns with four players in a varied group of ages from 6 to…. um older :). We all had fun trying to form the shapes with our cards.

Each card has a number of triangles blue cards have 1, red cards have 2, green cards have 3, and yellow cards have 4. They are in different arrangements and the object of the game is to take two or more cards from the player stack that together can create another card. That is a Zangle! 

What can the kids learn from this game? Abstract thinking skills and logic as they try to arrange the triangles to match in their minds. Reflexes as they try to beat others to the cards if paying in speed mode. It’s rather fun!

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