First Grade Curriculum Month 2 With Weeks 5 – 8 Work Book

Month 2 with Weeks 5-8 First Grade Curriculum Work Book

4 weeks of First Grade Worksheets and Learning Activities

As usual I have gotten behind on a project but I am not working on it in larger chunks in a monthly format instead of weekly. Each subject is individually packed below. I will upload and update as I finish them. I am also adding a few more subjects for you to choose from this month.

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What I have planned for this month’s curriculum:

  • Math they will do a lot of addition review. Each week gets just a little harder.
  • Language Arts they will be reviewing short vowel sounds this month.¬†
  • Spelling they will have six words a week to practice and learn.
  • Bible they will learn a new memory verse each week along with a Bible lesson.
  • History they will continue to learn about our country and the states through out the month.
  • Science will focus on animals and their habitats along with the food chain just a little bit more.
  • Health we will be learning about healthy foods.
  • Reading will include comprehension stories as well as more fables through out the month.
  • Writing will begin with practicing the letters each day. There is also a write/draw prompt each week for their journal.

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This is part of a larger project.

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