ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Art of the Middle Ages, K-3 Vol. 3 Review

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ARTistic Pursuits Inc. K-3rd Grade Level, Volumes 1-8 Review

My brain is drawn to art. It was always my favorite subject in school and I always made it a priority when I was younger. Yet, even with a solid foundation in art and a passion for it, I find it hard to include in our classroom in a meaningful way at times. ARTistic Pursuits Inc. textbooks help do that for me. I have reviewed an ARTistic Pursuits Inc. book before and I loved how easy it was to add in that meaningful lesson as well as the creative project. I was really excited to participate again this year! The Art of the Middle Ages, K-3 Vol. 3 we received for review has been so much fun!

The book we are about to review is part of the K-3rd Grade Level Volumes 1-8 series. Click the link to check out the other volumes!

One of the fun projects in the book was to make a mosaic style art piece. As you can see, we are a little excited about Easter coming up and made this fun Easter basket with it’s blue candy bunny and bright colored eggs. Another project we had a lot of fun with was paper weaving crown. There was just so many fun projects inside!

The Art of the Middle Ages, K-3 Vol. 3 is all about art in the Middle Ages. I guess the name kinda gave that away but little known fact about me is that I love the Middle Ages. I am sort of a historical buff and most of the books I read with a personal interest are based in either the Renaissance or Middle Ages time period. I was very excited to get into this text book. There are several different lessons and each comes with it’s own art project. There is also a set of DVDs to help explain the art process and how to use the materials in a way that each of your students can understand.

Inside the book you will find simple instructions along with a lesson and examples of both famous master pieces and other children’s master pieces. My daughter gravitated more toward the children’s art. She loved seeing how other children’s projects turned out.

I use this textbook with my six year old and she loves it. It really gives us that meaningful connection to the art because we are learning different styles and seeing beautiful examples. It also gives me the push to add art into our day. Some days it just feels like there is so much going on that we can leave art out and focus on the more “important” subjects. I sometimes forget that Art IS one of the important subjects. Art gives us a release for those busy feelings. It calms us and helps us learn to express ourselves. I don’t know how I could have let the hectic schedule force me to forget that.

Even though these books are aimed at younger kids, I have used them with my older kids as well. They provide a background to the artist or style which helps them to really grasp the art. Then they give simple instructions on how to create the art work. Art is a personal thing and even if the project is aimed at young children, older children can benefit while adding their own creative spin and making the project their own.

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