Homeschool Complete: First Grade Complete Curriculum Review

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Homeschool Complete: First Grade Complete Curriculum Review

I was really excited to review the first semester of first grade from Homeschool Complete and couldn’t wait to test it out with my first grader. She is smart and goes quickly through most materials and then gets bored easily. I don’t want to rush her because there are areas she still isn’t as strong in but I feel like in ways I am holding her back on somethings. After looking through their sample materials and browsing the website, I thought this might be a good way to go with her. I received the digital version of the first semester of the First Grade Complete. We have been working on it 3 to 4 days a week. It is a rather unique curriculum set up but actually gives me the push to form some resemblance of a routine.

You can find this curriculum and their other available grade levels here: Homeschool Complete

When I received the program there was two files to download and print. The first was a teacher book to explain the curriculum and the second was a student book. I don’t often use the teacher materials so I downloaded the student book and began to browse through it. I noticed there was a lot of skills addressed and a lot of pages to print. I actually had some issues getting my pdf to print and for some reason my printer just would not accept the student work book. I thought maybe I should also look at the teacher book before I began to use the worksheets willy nilly like I usually do, just to see what it looks like. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is not like the normal teacher books I have seen. It is a step by step guide to everything from calendar time to Bible to everything in between. It’s the perfect way to build the routine I have been longing to build but incapable of doing on my own. (Not a shred of organizational skills in this girl.) It is set up into Lessons with a clear map of plans to complete each lesson. There are several things I do like about this curriculum and a few things I am not so crazy about but overall it is well thought out and flows at a decent speed for my blossoming first grader. It isn’t the prettiest of designs and at times was a little basic in color scheme and images. I’m know that isn’t what I should be looking for in a curriculum but I have a creative mind with 20 years of graphic art experience and some things that may not bother others really jumps at me. I had a few issues with some of the design but not so much that it changed how I felt about the actual work itself. This curriculum covers everything as I said before. The Language Art pages are often chances to practice reading and writing while also learning new concepts such as word families and sentence structure. This is one of those areas we need more practice in. The sentences used were great and often would elicit a giggle from my imaginative first grader as she pictured rats in hats and random things. My little girl hates to write. She loves reading, math, and just about anything else but she hates to write. I love that there was opportunities for her to practice writing but not too much to overwhelm her very short attention span. They also include in the plan books to use for each lesson. They are easy to find at the library or online. We actually already had several in our own home library. The math sections are nice but with my daughter’s love for the subject we are also using another curriculum to supplement her math time. Actually I think we are using a couple different ones at the moment as well as ones I make for her when she asks for them as well. I think we all know our children and what works for one will usually not work for another. You might feel you need more reading and supplement in that or more writing. They include several hands on activities to go along with the lessons. Some kids learn better with hands on activities, while others learn through visual work, and then you have some that pick up better with auditory clues. This curriculum tries to have something for everyone. We are visual learners but also learn well with hands on activities in this house. I think all three of my kids follow after me on that end. The one thing that I really likes was the addition of Social Studies. I love history and have passed a love of this on down to my children. We often ready biographies or watch historical documentaries. The Social Studies included goes over the states, government, and other historical events. There is even a unit of pilgrims. I found them easy to read and understand with just enough information to keep them from getting bored. Overall I like the curriculum. I think it could use a few design updates but that doesn’t take away it’s value. With the addition of the teacher’s manual it really helps to clarify the classroom process. It gives you a list of materials needed for each lesson as well as what you will be doing. I love that the instructions are clear and to the point. I think it’s a fine curriculum that includes many great lesson ideas.

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