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IXL Learning Review For Personalized Learning Online

We all have different learning styles and pick up skills differently. All three of my kids have different ways of learning. One thing that all three of them have in common is that practice and repetition help create that solid foundation on any skill. IXL Learning is good way to get that extra practice on a very large variety of skills for each grade. We have been given access to an annual subscription for the purpose of this review and I couldn’t be happier. Especially for my two tech learners. 

One of the features that really caught my eye was that they now have Spanish available. We have been planing on learning Spanish. I love the way their site practices these skills. I am pretty impressed with the Spanish section. We have played around with it but plan on getting more serious at the beginning of next month. 

On the site each child has their own account. I have three set up and this gives me the opportunity to see how each has grown and what they are learning. The diagnostic tools available are awesome. I can see where they are based on what they are working on. The site also gives them recommendations for what to practice next. 

Check out the site here: IXL Learning

My youngest two are tech learners. They enjoy online programs and love interactive homework. IXL is perfect for them because they can do the program on their PC or tablet. My 6 year old likes the fact that they read the questions to her. I usually sit with her while she does her school but with IXL she can be more independent. She enjoys this freedom and is learning skills as well as practicing skills we have learned in school. She also loves the fact they offer awards and incentives to continue on practicing and learning. It’s a personalized learning experience because they have control over what they are going to practice and can pretty much navigate the site themselves. 
This past week we had a bout of stomach virus jumping bodies. It was such a relief to have something they could do without much intervention on my part. IXL Learning has really come in handy for us. It’s so easy to navigate that I could get the rest I needed to get better and could take care of the sick while they didn’t get behind on their school work. 

Another awesome thing is they have an App! The app available for tablets and IOS is very easy to navigate and switching between accounts is pretty easy so they can just pass the tablet around. My son enjoyed the Science section. He has worked in several different classes there. Sometimes it is a little harder for me to get the Science skills in each day and IXL makes that so much easier. They start at second grade and up but my six year old has been working in the 2nd grade skills and doing pretty well in them. Social Studies was a little confusing at first but we figured it out quickly. 
My oldest daughter isn’t as much interested in online practice but was pretty interested when she seen they offer Algebra practice and higher math skills. Usually she is more for the paper type of work but even she has been eyeing the offerings of IXL. 


All three kids have been using the program regularly for a few weeks now. I can see a growth in Miss 6’s math skills and Mr. 12 has gotten some much needed Language Arts practice. I am very excited to have IXL in our classroom!

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